Road to Instagrammable Graduation Party

After all the sleepless nights, the early morning class struggles and monthly extra-curricular activities, no hard work is left unseen or unnoticed. You made it, you graduated and your graduation party is waiting for you. Graduation is a milestone in every student and parent. This is a moment in time to celebrate the teamwork in the family. It doesn’t matter if it is a graduation for preschoolers or for the post graduate courses because every graduation is worth celebrating with the people you love the most. 

Nowadays, Do-It-Yourself party set-ups are trending and surprisingly awesome. These are simple yet insta-worthy set-ups for life’s successes. Today we will come up with a list to achieve the instagrammable graduation party set-up. Together we will make a simple checklist of what are the must-haves for an awesome yet penny-wise graduation party set-up.  

  1. Graduation Backdrop. This is the apple of the eye, aside from the graduate. The backdrop is the over view of the theme you wish to have or the motif to set the vibes. In 2020, Rose Gold Backdrops are on the top list. Gold being a classic color never goes out of style. Combine the letterings and balloons, and then your backdrop is set. 
  1. Class Photo Banner. Graduations are perfect with photos. This is to look back with the memories of your awkward smiles and wacky hairstyles. This also knows how far you went and how big did you grow through the years. The photo banner would be nicer if you have your photo since kindergarten, for an ultimate throwback.  
  1. Origami Money Graduation Caps. This is a must-have as this symbolizes fortune and a well-wish for the graduates. This is also a creative way of giving money gift instead of using envelopes. Make colorful origami money graduation caps and enjoy the amount later! 
  1. DIY Bagel Board. Bagels are part of our growth. The comfort food that witnessed our failures and success in school. Hence, this is a nice a nice board to have in your party. Let everyone enjoy the sumptuous food with the touch of a bagel. Fuel up the party with the go to bagels! 
  1. Confetti Balloons. If you will hire a graduation party planner for the other part of the set-up like the balloons, make sure they got you the best. Confetti balloons are level-up balloons because they are transparent and you can see their color, glow and glitter inside. This makes your graduation party “more” than the usual colored balloons.  

You can still add up like cakes with themed toppers, grazing and dessert tables and wisher walls. Make your DIY set-up personal and nice. There is hard and fast rule for these projects. Just put whatever you think will add up to the fun and the vibe. Anyway, at the end of the day, more than the fancy set-up is the presence of the people who has been with your up to your graduation day. Celebrate the goodness of life, start planning your graduation party set up now! 

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